Canny Mum Bamboo Wipes, Canny Way Ltd, Moffat Centre, 219 Colinton Road, Edinburgh, UK

What Parents Say


Claire Donnelly - Gentle parenting

First impressions of the liners/wipes themselves when I took them out of their wrapper, was that they have a lovely sheen and are beautifully soft, softer than any disposable equivalent I'd ever used before. As they are perforated it is simple to tear off the number you need. They give the impression of a high quality product from the start.   The wipes really come into their own when used on hands and faces, and we kept the roll near the dinner table for use there. My son and I both had a cold recently, and the wipes, used dry, were gorgeously soft and gentle tissue replacements for sore noses!   I was pleased to find it wrinkled up a lot less than other disposables I have tried, and kept a good amount of cover throughout the nappy. 


Cara Turner - Gentle parenting

Since being introduced to the world of reusable nappies by a friend, I've been keen to try out lots of different products to see what the best fit for my family would be. My first impression was that they were wonderfully soft (and shimmery, as bamboo tends to be), and my two-year-old son was very taken by them, referring to them as "special tissues".


Sabrina-The BabyWebsite

They are so lovely and soft and very useful wipes for cleaning up messes. Great that you can add what you want to them and fantastic replacement for cotton wool and water for newborns. Would definitely recommend to others and would purchase again in future. 

Emily- The BabyWebsite

These bamboo liners and wipes are so good. I will definitely be buying more. They are so soft on my boy's skin, especially using them on his face. There is no scent but can be used with your own lotion which I think is a great idea. They are also great value for money. 

Tasha- The BabyWebsite

We generally use reusable wipes to clean our daughter's face and bottom and normally find them to be far superior to any disposable wipes. These bamboo wipes are definitely the next best thing and are particularly useful for when we are out and about and don't want to transport dirty wipes. The wipes are soft and strong and as the texture of them means that they clean more effectively than other disposables. They are ideal for sensitive skin and I happily use these to wipe my daughter's face. 

Amazon Customer

We have used these liners for around a year and after trying a few brands, these are the best in every way! Lovely and soft (i have yet to feel a liner that is as soft), perfect size and stay in place brilliantly!    We use all in one nappies and pockets mainly, tots bots, bambino mio, bumgenius and milovia to name a few but always canny mum liners!


Amazon Customer

Bamboo is amazing!!! Very, very soft and much gentler than anything else we've seen before. I use it everyday everywhere also found it good as make up removal.


Amazon Customer

Love these liners best I've brought for my little ones to go into cloth. Strong durable good fit soft to the touch. Also double up as good wipes. Fair price delivery was speedy always happy.   I will be back for more!


Mum in a nutshell

When I folded one up to place in a nappy it moulded perfectly into the cloth. No bumps or folds, they're light, silky and fabric like. Quite a luxury really.    As well as using them as liners, they're also handy as wipes. It's so much nicer to clean delicate skin without feeling scratch or worrying about the effects of harmful chemicals. Just dipped in warm water (another plus as there's much less resistance than clean ups with cold wipes!) they still feel strong and hold together until the job is done.


Lina - Go Real

I have been using bamboo nappy liners for a month now, received after winning on their Facebook page. Bought a few now so can have one in each room.
I always used fleece liners and my daughter has had bad nappy rash for a while, but as soon as I tried these, the nappy rash cleared up. I am very happy with them, they do feel slightly wet compared with fleece, but it didn't seem to bother her.    I love that I can use them everywhere. Even daddy is no more confused on what to use and when.


Anonymous - Go Real

I've been using real nappies for 18 months now and have tried several liners but these are by far my favourite. They are silky soft and strong enough to catch any solids. They also double as wipes and this week been my saviour in mopping up snotty noses without irritating my son's nose. I wouldn't use anything else next to babies' skin.


Leela Hill - BizzieBaby

Big roll, easy instructions. These felt silky soft. The wipes are lovely and feel so soft. I would trust this product and use on newborn. I cut the sheets in half to use as wipes as they were so big so got double the value. I have already purchased more rolls. I would highly recommend. Really easy to use, soft on baby and toddler. Perfect. I use cloth wipes so this is an excellent products for times when we go away and don't want to carry around or worry about washing dirty wipes. Really simple to use. Normal wipes give my babies nappy rash so this is perfect for us - no rash, very soft, very easy to use. Will continue to buy and use these for as long as I need wipes. 


Hayley-Griffiths Jones -  BizzieBaby

 I think these would be great to add to a mum-to-be gift basket. I think this product ticks all the boxes. This product offers excellent value for money. I must say that the price is a major selling point for me. The wipes are long-lasting, soft and strong and offer something different. Although I did not trial them as nappy liners, I used them consistently in place of my usual wipes and much prefer these. 


Catherine Jenna-  BizzieBaby

I have not been disappointed. I believe these do offer value for money, especially for that sensitive new born stage. I would purchase these as very reasonable price. I have also been using them to wipe my children's face and hands when eating. I would certainly recommend. I don't have any faults with the product. 


Angiespangie - BabyWorld

I have tried three makes of disposable liners so far and these are by far the softest to touch. They stretch a bit so I stretch one out and wrap it around the insert in my daughters' nappy so it tucks in and prevents the insert getting poo on.


pipKA - BabyWorld

As a liner they work well and they make changing nappies easy. Your child will feel wet, compared to disposable nappies but this didn't seem to upset my 16 weeks old son. It's reassuring to know that you have something soft and with fewer chemicals in it next to your baby's skin.   To use as a wipe you can simply add water then use as supermarket you would the baby wipes. I find them really easy to use in this way. At home I have a small bowl of water and out and about I use a spray bottle with a few drops of lavender oil in it.