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Soft Bamboo Dry Wipes
Composed to be ever so soft and made chemical free, these wipes are designed to be delicate and can be used dry or as a fresh wet wipe. Switch to a wipe that is always kind to your skin and to our environment!
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Soft Bamboo Nappy Liners
We have made our silky bamboo wipes into larger and thinner sheets. Completely chemical free, soft and easy to tear, these nappy liners are 100% biodegradable and are kind to sensitive skins.
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Kind-to-skin Wet Wipe Tips
I’m Helga and I want to empower you to start making your own organic, fresh and pure, wet wipes at home, helping you ditch over the counter chemical filled products – explore my simple body-loving wet wipe tips here!
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Gentle on skin and eco-friendly – what’s not to love!

Our range of bamboo cloth wipes and liners are for all of us who are looking for a value for money essential that is going to be kind to our family’s skin, but also kind to our environment.
Made exquisitely soft and chemical free our bamboo products are kind by design. Care for your skin in confidence, with a product that is pure and crafted to be considerate. Our ranges of products are also ethically sourced from renewable sources and biodegradable, providing a simple option for reducing your eco-footprint.

There are many reports about store-bought wet wipes containing toxic chemicals and allergens. Have control of ingredients, decide what wipe solution you want to use. You can make your own wet wipes with just a few simple ingredients. Use plain water or get home-made herbal or natural oil-based solutions from trusted sources and determine what recipe works best for your baby’s skin, for you and your lifestyle.

Each year millions of one-use wipes are put onto landfill and due to their polyester fibres, coated in antibacterial chemical solutions, they don’t break down, however, there is an alternative to this.
Our affordable wipes, made from biodegradable and sustainable resources, will remove the environmental impact of every wipe you throw away.

Make A Change!

Bamboo textiles have a luxurious feel, are soft, lightweight, have hypoallergenic properties and are more absorbent than cotton.

Bamboo has emerged as an ultimate green material. Some of the environmental benefits of bamboo are its biodegradability, its fast renewability (bamboo can grow a meter or more per day) and efficient space consumption, its low water use as the growth can be sustained by rain water, and its organic status as there is virtually no need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

Bamboo is wonderful, we love it and we have the ambition to make it more widely available and affordable.

Caring as nature intended

Our founder’s story

Helga became aware of the amount of skin-aggravating chemicals used in baby products after her baby daughter started developing rashes. She switched to only using water and cotton wool, but wanting a product that would infuse the convenience of disposable wipes with purity for her daughter’s skin, she started developing the CannyMum Wipes.
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Live more cleverly and respectfully;

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